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FHG Book Direct is Getting Easier and Affordable

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Booking a hotel room or venue in FHG Book Direct is getting easier and even more affordable with FHG’s integrated booking engine. Set to launch this coming December with more discounts to be given away.

FHG has its customers in mind on how to give the best value for their money. Aside from providing heartfelt services, FHG is introducing a new online sales channel, also known as booking engine by attempting to use an “insourcing” concept. The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) is expected to make direct bookings in FHG easier, safer and inexpensive. These become possible by providing a portal to accept payments with instant confirmation online. That’s it. The customer is ready for check-in at the chosen hotel within the specified booked schedule.

How about giving the best price online? Providing the best price online shall be possible by making the resources 100% insourced, direct and as much as possible, with minimal human assistance. The direct and insourcing concepts with some automated processes shall cut avoidable expenses in between intermediary operations and give instead to its valued customers.

With FHG Book Direct getting easier and affordable, FHG is looking forward to more satisfied customers that will continue to go direct with FHG and grab their best price online.

FHG Book Direct offers a variety of rooms and suites that will surely fit each traveler’s preference and budget. FHG Book Direct has a space for you, whether you’re an independent traveler or a backpacker, a couple, a family, or a group.

Remove the red tapes, complexities, and in-between processes. Go straight to the point and get their best price online! BOOK NOW!

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