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Mandatory Quarantine: Health and Safety Guidelines for Non-OFWs & Balik-Bayan

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Disclaimer: Due to rapid changes in COVID-19 condition, the following guidelines may change without prior notice. 


  • Mandatory temperature screening and disinfection at the sanitation located at the entry point of the hotel.
  • Disinfectant floor mats to ensure cleanliness and sanitation of footwear
  • Designated sanitizing stations for guest’s use at all key areas around the hotel.
  • Mandatory Health Declaration Form preferably via QR Code


  • Mandatory wearing of face mask and face shield at all times within the hotel and its premises
    • Face shield and facemask can be removed when inside room
  • Frequent handwashing soap & water and sanitizing of hands with alcohol are required
  • Always observe basic courtesy by covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing


  • Upon entering your room, you are not permitted to go outside and must stay in the room during the duration of the isolation/quarantine period.
  • Food shall be delivered to you three (3) times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Food delivery is restricted and will not be allowed by the hotel, unless otherwise coordinated and permitted by the hotel management.
  • You will be given a copy of the Health Monitoring Sheet to be diligently accomplished daily during your stay.  Please report any symptoms indicated in the form to the Front Desk.
  • Housekeeping services such as cleaning of the rooms, change linens and the likes shall be restricted unless extremely necessary.
  • In this regard, please ensure that all valuable items of the guests are keep properly for the housekeeping to perform proper deep cleaning sanitation and disinfection of the room.
  • Due to the current pandemic, visitors of the guest shall not be encouraged inside the premise of the hotel.  Only guests allowed and endorsed for RT-PCR with coordination to the hotel management. 
  • All indoor areas of the Hotel are installed with sensitive smoke detectors. Thus, smoking is strictly prohibited in all guest rooms, hallways and dining areas. Smoking area shall be designated by the hotel management.
  • All indoor cooking is prohibited to avoid any incident of fire.  Guests are not allowed to bring in other appliances inside the room. For request of water and other essentials like additional toiletries, kindly inform the Front Desk, charges may apply.
  • Please maintain a low tone of conversation and observe silence inside the hotel with respect to other guests.
  • Laundry may be hanged inside the bathroom but not allowed in the hallways or windows. 
  • Trash bins are provided inside the room and garbage bins per floor, please ensure to practice proper waste disposal and segregation as necessary.  You may ask for additional trash bag as necessary. 
  • FREE WIFI internet access in all rooms.
  • For your protection kindly call through the Front Office to call other rooms in the hotel.
  • Personal belongings deemed as valuable left abandoned in the room shall be held for safekeeping based on the Lost and Found Policy of the Hotel, other items tagged as non-valuable and perishable shall be disposed of immediately. 
  • Social media photo/video sharing shall be limited or private as necessary to avoid public scrutiny and opinion that could affect the event and hotel at the same time.
  • The hotel is equipped with CCTV and 24-Hour Security, ensuring safety and security at the same time employing strict protocols during your stay.


  • Enhanced safety system in serving food i.e. individual packed meals, single-served beverages served with cups with cover
  • Strict compliance of safety standards on food preparations in adherence to FHG Health and Safety Management Team Guidelines


  • For the safety of our guests and staff, our team is required to put on face shield, face masks, and gloves and enhanced personal protective equipment as necessary to perform their duties.
  • Our Kitchen Team is mandated to wear personal protective gear, mask and gloves during food preparation
  • All staff undergo rigid training, ensuring adherence to the government’s new safety and sanitation protocols
  • Mandatory sustained staff training to keep safety and sanitation skills and knowledge up-to-date
  • Compulsory daily temperature screening and submission of Health Declaration Form

Any violation could mean cancellation of stay as deemed necessary by the hotel management.

For strict compliance.


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