Who We Are

Message from the COO

 “Wherever you go, we are THERE as the standard of FILIPINO HOSPITALITY… GROW the most successful and visible hotel group in the Philippines and later, the WORLD”.

FERSAL Hotel Group (FHG) is a hotel chain in the Philippines that started from a humble beginning in 1986. It is now operating and marketing two (2) hotel brands – the FERSAL Hotel and the Hotel Elizabeth. Each brand addresses a specific group of market segments within the diversified needs and preferences in the hospitality industry. Currently has eight (8) hotels under its umbrella and are strategically located within the metropolis nationwide – Quezon City, Manila, Makati City, Baguio City, Cebu City, and Puerto Princesa City.

FHG strives for its mission and vision in promoting Filipino hospitality as its main contribution to the world. Every inch of success we achieve as a hotel group would also mean a step closer in promoting Filipino hospitality. The FHG way of Filipino hospitality would mean delivering heartfelt services, experiences beyond expectation, caring and treating every guest, customer, and stakeholder, the highest degree of humanity.

Having a dedicated team of both administrative and front-liners, trained to share a common goal to bring “heartfelt services” to our valued guests and customers is one of FHG’s pride. Human capital is the most valuable asset of FHG. Therefore, we will continue to develop service-oriented talents, who, in turn, become ambassadors of Filipino hospitality anywhere they go.

FHG believes in responsibility coupled with accountability. We are responsible for our actions, not only for ourselves but for the community as well. The largest chunk of FHG’s corporate social responsibility is the co-founding of the JEF Foundation. Its goal is to operate and support charitable activities; develop programs that will inspire and improve lives of children and their families; uplift the spirit of seniors and retired musicians who are unremembered in society.

In the mid of the devastating effect of the pandemic, drastically affecting the global economy, where hotels and tourism industries are severely affected, FHG will always be positive to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Look the bright side of the dark side, capitalizing these times to go back to the drawing board, review, prepare, and be ready when the time comes. In light of the latest Covid-19 challenges, we are ensuring the health and well-being of our stakeholders by providing the safest place of accommodations. Aside from strictly implementing minimum safety protocols in our hotels, we exert efforts to go beyond to provide a clean and sanitized environment to the best of our capacity.

Rest assured that FHG will never cease to re-imagine and innovate our facilities and organization to provide a pleasant environment for our guests, an engaging and conducive workplace for our staff, and a symbol of growth for our community.

FHG will always think of ways to bring value to our guests and customers by providing a decent place to stay with “heartfelt services” at an affordable price. We may need to streamline, remove mid-processes and costs from intermediaries to achieve this and give them instead to our guests and customers. From that concept, the FHG Book Direct idea was born. FHG Book Direct project shall be the insourced booking engine of the FHG chain of hotels aiming to provide the best value for your money.

On behalf of the FHG team, our deep gratitude and thanks to our loyal guests, customers, business partners, stakeholders, and of course, the Almighty for the steadfast support. For without you, FHG will not be where it is now. To God Be the Glory!


Joel S. Fernando
Chief Operating Officer
FERSAL Hotel Group